Paradise Alley – Historic Biography

With their blend of rough-hewn melodic vocals, virtuoso guitar playing, driving bass lines and thundering drums, Toronto based Paradise Alley made music with a cutting-edge, hard rock sound.

Originally formed in 1988 by brothers Rob and George Tardik and vocalist Menno Vaz, Paradise Alley wrote, produced and recorded over twenty songs for their debut recording which caught the attention of MCA Canada/Duke Street Records and landed them their first recording
contract by 1990. Partially recorded at Manta Sound in Toronto with the help of A-list session players, drummer Randy Cooke, bassist Rob Laidlaw and co-produced by then manager Ross Munro, (Triumph, Rik Emmett, Kim Mitchell, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), April Wine and The Gandharvas).

Their five-piece band, Paradise Alley would go on to secure a spot as finalists in the 1991 Rock Radio Affiliate Q-107 Homegrown Contest, in a competition that involved over 1000 artists vying for a spot on the coveted Top 10 compilation CD. The band was also given the opportunity to perform a concert at The Opera House in Toronto to showcase their music to a
packed house!

Later in 1992 with new songs and a new lineup including the addition of Dale Harrison (The Headstones) and bassist Peter Culbertson, the band would again go onto becoming finalists in the 1992 Q-107 Homegrown Contest. The band also went on to record a track for their upcoming album release by renowned Producer/Engineer Nick Blagona (Chicago, Cat Stevens, Deep Purple, The Police, Rainbow, The Bee Gees, Kim Mitchell, April Wine, and The Tea Party).


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